Anick Vaillant

In 2002 I started training in the sport of Schutzhund with my male Doberman, Voodoo. The poor dog was too sweet for the sport. He did get his BH and then I found him a new, loving home.

In 2005, I switched to the GSD and worked Arlie. She is so willing to please and has such a love for the work that she makes the sport so enjoyable.  Arlie completed her  BH, AD, SchH1 (96-83-96 HS Protection) TD and a CD.

I then started to train another GSD, Grando, in the winter of 2005.  We earned High BH at the Ontario Regional’s in 2006.  Sadly I had to retire Grando due to injury.

Working full time at Olympus for many years, I learned a lot about dogs while working over 30 dogs per week training obedience, protection, behavior problem-solving, and drug and bomb searches.  I also worked the dogs in the movie "P2" (2007), and assisted Pando in  dog bite prevention seminars.

Prior to that, I retrained over 20 dogs with major behavioral problems for the Orangeville-based rescue, Tears of Joy.

I am a Member of GSSCC and CKC

Millview's Blitz
Why Schutzhund?: 
For the love of the GSD
Type of training preferred?: 
Happy medium between motivational and compulsion
Best part of Schutzhund?: 
Obedience…to me, everything comes down to it.
What are your goals in Schutzhund?: 
Getting as far as possible while keeping my dogs fit, healthy and injury free.
Have you titled any other dogs?: 
2002-Voodoo BH, 2004-Arlie de Bellator high SchH1 (96-83-96), CD, TD, SG1, 2006- Grando vom Hirschmorgen high BH Ontario Regional, 2010-Dagger de Bellator high BH 2013-Tatoo IPO2