Daniel Pechenkov


  Hugo and I started training in 2012.  Hugo is my first working line GSD and I am a first time Schutzhund Handler.  I grew up with dogs and have a love of all breeds and types.

I am a member of the GSSCC.

HUGO PECHENKOV Born in Oroville, California @ True Haus Kennels on April 8th 2012. Sire: Esko vom Klammeck Dam: Terra vom True Haus
Why Schutzhund?: 
To develop a strong bond with Hugo and allow him to do what he loves most which is work and play. I also like the sport to learn from Handlers with experience working and training GSDs.
Best part of Schutzhund?: 
Watching Hugo work and enjoying the company of others that appreciate dogs and dog sports.
What are your goals in Schutzhund?: 
My goals in Schutzhund are to train hard and develop my skills as a handler.