Frank Caputo

A German Shepherd fan since the age of 8, got into Schutzhund after acquiring Giacomo VonArlettca (GIACO) my first show dog in 2007 which I titled to SchH2. With my first successful breeding under the Kennel name VOM MUTIGEN with Giaco and Gloria, I now plan to work with the future show stars Dono; Dora and Elite Vom Mutigen better known as DJ and Dora and Eli.

Giacomo VonArlettca, Dono and Dora Vom Mutigen and the new addition Dora's daughter Elite Vom Mutigen
Why Schutzhund?: 
Control, Control, Control!!! A Sport to be enjoyed while having ultimate control of your dog through multiple exercises which test its versatility, intelligence, mental stability and willingness to work for you the Handler and perform to your commands
Best part of Schutzhund?: 
The getting together in fun with members from different backgrounds and professions sharing not only their life experiences but their expertise about the sport of Schutzhund which will collectively bring all of us closer to our goal of titling our dogs and best friends.