John has been involved in all aspects of the dog world from breeding, judging and training since approximately 1993. He has been involved in Schutzhund specifically since 2006. John is a certified Irondog Judge/Helper, certified Schutzhund club helper, certified NWDA helper, APA Weight pull, EKC & NKC Conformation Judge and has been a judge and decoy in several Personal Protection Tournaments.  Along with training his own dogs, he trains many others. He is currently training Hex & Tuborg in the sport of Schutzhund and finds Hex enjoying the entire sport. Hex has been successful in obtaining her BH and looks forward to future successes. Tuborg is a beginner with a lot of potential.  John also brings Noah to the club on occasion to keep him in tip top shape. Noah is retired but still enjoys a bite or two. John is Scarborough Select's club helper.

Female, Dutch Shepherd
DOB: 31Aug2006

Male, American Bulldog
DOB: 01Mar2009