Become A Member


Members are required to abide by all club rules and by-laws by:

  • assisting and supporting all club functions
  • training regularly
  • attending club meetings
  • paying membership dues on time
  • donating 2 hours of labour towards club activities each month or as needed

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Scarborough Select German Shepherd Schutzhund Club, we encourage you to Contact Us about visiting a training session and filling out the below form.

This data sheet and application form will be reviewed by the Board of Directors


1. No dog is allowed on the training grounds if he/she is sick.. Owners are responsible for 
informing the trainers of any illness right away.  All serious illness must be cleared with a 
veterinarian before the dog will be allowed on the field again.
2. Probationary period of  3 months
3. Membership in the GSSCC must be current


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