Board Members


A German Shepherd fan since the age of 8, got into Schutzhund after acquiring Giacomo VonArlettca (GIACO) my first show dog in 2007 which I titled to SchH2. With my first successful breeding under the Kennel name VOM MUTIGEN with Giaco and Gloria, I have since titled Giaco’s son Dono and daughter Dora to IPO1. Currently workink with Dono’s daughtre Fiamma vom Mutigen..
Giacomo VonArlettca, Dono and Dora Vom Mutigen and the new addition Dora’s daughter Elite Vom Mutigen. Dono’s daughters Fiamma and Felicita’.
Why Schutzhund?:
Control, Control, Control!!! A Sport to be enjoyed while having ultimate control of your dog through multiple exercises which test its versatility, intelligence, mental stability and willingness to work for you the Handler and perform to your commands
Best part of Schutzhund?:
The getting together in fun with members from different backgrounds and professions sharing not only their life experiences but their expertise about the sport of Schutzhund which will collectively bring all of us closer to our goal of titling our dogs and best friends.
Frank Caputo (President)


Hank and Harlee learned of the Schutzhund club through two members of Scarborough Select.  Hank has had past experience with training in obedience and has titled numerous dogs in the past;  Harlee comes from a German background,  Sire -V1 Imex vom Emkendorfer-Park – SchH3 / Kkl1 and the dam – V Jilly vom Finkenschalg – SchH1 / Kkl1 were both imported from Germany.

Hank has accomplished a lot not only it the sport but also in the Conformation ring taking Harlee to IPO2 and the first Canadian if not north America’s bred Long Stock Coat female to receive a VA rating

Why Schutzhund?:
I have titled numerous dogs in CKC obedience, and schutzhund training has always been a passion.
Type of training preferred?:
I’m open to all sorts of training methods but it will boil down to what is best for my dog and myself.
Best part of Schutzhund?:
Going to the field with my friends and watching the enjoyment my dog shows when training.
What are your goals in Schutzhund?:
To take my dog and myself as far as we can and at the same time have fun doing it.
Have you titled any other dogs?:
Yes in the CKC 2013-2014 Harlee high IPO 1. IPO2
Hank Bowden (Vice President)

Vice President

Margaret is the Treasurer and Director of Scarborough Select German Shepherd Schutzhund Club and has been since 2007. Margaret was introduced to Schutzhund in 1998. Her mentor is Aaron Winsor.

Margaret rescued Lucy when she was approximately 2 years of age. She was found abandoned in the street. Lucy is unable to participate in all aspects of Schutzhund due to knee injuries however she thoroughly enjoys tracking and obedience.  Lucy has been training in Schutzhund since 2006 and has been successful in obtaining her BH.

Female, Rottweiler
DOB: 01Jan2002

Margaret (Secretary / Treasurer)

Secretary / Treasurer




Ashley Hammil


Vivien joined the club as a novice in handling and training dogs. After field tracking with her female GSD, Clarot’s Amara and passing her TD. We came to the club with the ultimate goals to learn more, train hard and have fun with like minded dog enthusiasts.

She is continuing her journey with her male GSD Clarot’s Wolfe and hope to get her BH in the spring and hopefully some tracking titles too.

Vivien Brennan


Donna brings with her to the club a few years experience in training dogs in CKC and Schutzhund. She also is very familiar with the confirmation ring.
Donna trains with her beautiful male Doberman Gee and Gee obtained his BH at the club trial in 2022.
She has added a sweet little female Doberman to her team this past summer.
Donna Klopper


Janet is a excellent mentor to others in the club. She trains with her Dobermans, Spud (Male) and Nugget (female). At our club trial in 2022 Nugget with Janet handling obtained her BH. Janet trains regularly with fellow Doberman enthusiast Donna, and meets up to go tracking or if weather allows dock diving.
Janet McGibbon


Angie is a wonderful addition to our club. She brings with her dog training and trialing experience. She seems happy to share her knowledge and provide tips and positive support to all.
In 2022, she obtained a IGP3 with her boy Jiří z údolí Úpy.
Angie Tennant


Harold’s addition to our club brings his dog sport experience and trialing knowledge to us. His positive support and technical knowledge is a asset to the club
In 2022, he obtained a IGP3 with his boy Teemu.
Harold Tennant


Stephen has been a club member since 2015. Although he is not actively training or trialing in the sport, his participation and support of the club does not go unnoticed.
Stephen Hill


Koby (Romeo Academy) comes from a sire (Oargos dei Precision) titled with a VA1 IPO3, and dam from Germany (Arlanda von Arlett).

Koby being May’s first GSD she decided to join SSGSSC to understand and learn the sport. Together with the support and encouragement of club members, she has not only discovered the amazing characteristics of the breed, but started to build a strong relationship with her dog, whilst making good friends.

After Koby winning 1st place (VP) in his class (9-12mos Male) at the Ontario Regional Sieger Show in 2022, May is ardent and devoted to further hone Koby’s raw talent and looks forward to training Koby to reach his full potential.



With much sadness we said goodbye to a great friend, club member, GSD lover and one of one of the most wonderful person anyone could ever meet. R.I.P good friend, you will always have a special place in our hearts.

Marco Saccoccio


Beverly Wiggins


Forever in our hearts – the dog sport community loss a truly special and wonderful lady with Gladys’s passing. She was a fantastic tracker, a dedicated dog trainer and supportive mentor that always had kind words for her friends, family and members of the dog sport community.

Gladys Kinsman


John has been involved in all aspects of the dog world from breeding, judging and training since approximately 1993. He has been involved in Schutzhund specifically since 2006. John is a certified Irondog Judge/Helper, certified Schutzhund club helper, certified NWDA helper, APA Weight pull, EKC & NKC Conformation Judge and has been a judge and decoy in several Personal Protection Tournaments.  Along with training his own dogs, he trains many others. He is currently training Hex & Tuborg in the sport of Schutzhund and finds Hex enjoying the entire sport. Hex has been successful in obtaining her BH and looks forward to future successes. Tuborg is a beginner with a lot of potential.  John also brings Noah to the club on occasion to keep him in tip top shape. Noah is retired but still enjoys a bite or two. John is Scarborough Select’s club helper.

Female, Dutch Shepherd
DOB: 31Aug2006

Male, American Bulldog
DOB: 01Mar2009

John Bonello


Hugo and I started training in 2012.  Hugo is my first working line GSD and I am a first time Schutzhund Handler.  I grew up with dogs and have a love of all breeds and types.

I am a member of the GSSCC.


HUGO PECHENKOV Born in Oroville, California @ True Haus Kennels on April 8th 2012. Sire: Esko vom Klammeck Dam: Terra vom True Haus

Why Schutzhund?: 

To develop a strong bond with Hugo and allow him to do what he loves most which is work and play. I also like the sport to learn from Handlers with experience working and training GSDs.

Best part of Schutzhund?: 

Watching Hugo work and enjoying the company of others that appreciate dogs and dog sports.

What are your goals in Schutzhund?: 

Train hard and develop my skills as a handler.

Daniel Pechenkov


Lily has been a club member for many years. Although she has not been able to be out training with her beautiful female GDS. She actively follows the clubs activities and make sure to have time to assist at club events and trials.


Patty Priestman